Views of Cannes on the French Riviera with villas and apartments to rent in Cannes

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View of Cannes flying into Nice on the Cote d'Azur
Whilst Cannes is large, unlike Nice, it retains its charm, glamour, architecture of the Belle Epoque and its poise

Here's an apartment to rent near here in the Centre of Cannes.
The Carlton exhudes civilisation

The beaches are large and sandy but getting to the water can be an obstacle race
beach at Cannes South of France
private beach at CannesFrench riviera beach
Click here for a less impersonal beach and here for a more intimate East facing sandy beach without the glare of sun in your eyes reflecting off the water. Cannes is wonderful to visit, for a day or for business in a civilised way, but the webmaster prefers here not far away from Cannes for a holiday.
Croisette at Cannes

double decker merrygoround

Cannes is known, not only as the fashion centre of the Riviera with sandy beaches but for the annual Film Festival.
film festival buildingfilm public telephone

Cannes harbour is loved among yacht owners and the old town is beautifully unchanged.

From the port, trips are available not only to the local Lerin islands which dominate the view from the Cannes beaches but also to interesting places further afield
Lerin islands map
destinations from the Port of Cannes

Houses villas and apartments to rent in Cannes ideal for holidays or Film Festival

If you want details of other accommodation nearby please here are holiday apartments and villas from Cannes and Theoules to Antibes and Nice. It is a wonderful part of the Mediterranean for a holiday and the best place South of France Cote d'Azur.

If you would like to stay in an apartment decorated for a film star on the prestigious Cap d'Antibes with this view of Cannes view of Cannes from Cap d'Antibes
click here
It's about 1/2 hour away by car in the rush hour. Here's another less luxurious appartment for holiday rental nearby also about 1/2 hour away by car in the rush hour.

Click here for villas and apartments for sale

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