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Discover Sicily


We invite You to build up together a
wonderful trip to the heart of the Mediterranean and discover the many-splendoured faces of Sicily! ,
discovering Sicily and its many-sided microcosm

In this island, child of Myth, thousands of clashes and meetings

For thousands of years this island of history and myth has witnessed the collision and fusion of many different races, religions and languages to create a unique culture of the present day.

This is reflected in innumerable treasures - have endowed the present with an immense treasure.
Architecture, architectural masterpieces, works of art, dramatic landscapes, unique flavours and a rainbow of colours.
are offered to the visitors

All these will delight your senses, which lead you along the thread of unforgettable footsteps of the conquerors’ and travellers’ of the past memories through an unforgettabale path of knowledge.

About Us

TRAVEL Sicilia ...

….Is a network originated by the idea of aimed at promoting the knowledge and appreciation about of the cultural richness riches of our magnificent island -, along known, less both familiar and little known, but always surprising, routes.

For this reason, we propose have devised special "ad hoc" travels, specially tailored on the travellers’ tailor-made itineraries to meet your personal needs and interests, and specifically designed by a multi-disciplinary, university level, team of enthusiastic experts, all at university level.

Sicily is a happy island, for not only because its climate that allows you to enjoy it in at any time of year season, all the ways, but also for on account of the variety of its landscapes, peoples, arts and culture.

In the last few years, we have brought around hosted travellers from any every part of the world: Italians Italy, North and South Americans, English, French, Japanese…

All enthusiasts our travellers have come to love Sicily, even the most those who were sceptical and critical towards an before they came, whose image of our island was based on false impressions and insufficient knowledge., whose beauty is sometimes veiled by worries and common prejudices due to a superficial knowledge.


Besides the special care which we give to organising every trip given to the organisation of each trip, what makes each travel Travel Sicilia unique is the chance to have privileged access we enjoy to monuments and sites usually normally closed to the public., as well as This includes the opportunity to visit the most many prestigious and interesting historic houses of Sicily, dining there (or going there for whose owners may offer you an aperitif or coffee, lunch or dinner …), hosted by the owners, tastingand an opportunity to taste the specialities of the Sicilian haute cuisine.

Thanks to the technical support of TRAVEL Cafè, our service ranges may include the organisation of the rom organising your whole trip concern our complete assistance "from airport to airport", i.e. from assisting Your in Sicily from arrival in to Your departure from the island, or foresee only the guide for to creating and accompanying one or more itineraries that You may choose.

The costs obviously depend on the cut You will decide to give to Your trips, so our cost estimates will depend on what you wish to do and the degree of assistance you want us to provide Your programmes and wishes.

Our objective is to give the chance of We want you to experiencing Sicily in a unique way and to enjoy our island’s unparalleled cultural richness, with an exchange of common richness.

We invite the curious travellers to contact us for any further information or comments, and to send the If this is the sort of travelling you are looking for, please complete and return the form ‘About You’. This will allow us to put together a tailor-made tour to your specification. The more time you can give us to prepare your itinerary, the better Travel Sicilia will be able to provide you with the high quality travel experience you seek. answer esclusively to each request as well as to prepare the tours at their best.

Given the special character of these trips, we suggest that those who are interested send in due time their request of organisation, in order to allow us to guarantee the best quality.

See You in Sicily!

Giada PlataniaResponsabile

TRAVEL Sicilia



Here below, a series are some examples of thematic itineraries are illustrated.
They may be taken "as they are", combined or
re-modelled according to meet Your needs and preferences





Phoenician Sicily

We will visit the west part of the island, historically dominated by Phoenicians/Carthagineans: Palermo, Solunto, Segesta, Selinunte, Mozia e Marsala.

Unforgettable sites and emotions.



Greeks and Romans

These itineraries may include just concentrate on the city and province of Palermo and its province, or maybe extended to wards other key places of importance inthe GreekGraeco-Roman timeshistory: the mythical towns of Segesta and Selinunte immersed in their wild Mediterranean dimensionsettings; Tyndaris with its lagoon; the wonderful Valley of the Temples atin Agrigento; the Greek colony of Eraclea Minoa, with its beautiful little theatre right bynext to the sea; the imperial Roman villa in Piazza Armerina and, in the surroundingsclose by, the Greek town of Morgantina; the archaeological and naturalistic treasures of Syracuse; the chic atmosphere of Taormina... with its chic atmosphere. And then, wWe can cross the sea and go to visit the Eolian islands, and Lipari in particular, with its the famous archaeological museum on Lipari or, reaching on the mainland, get to visit Reggio Calabria and go admire the Bronzi di Riace and other treasures(but not only them).





Arabs and Normans

We start from Palermo, the Norman capital, whose historic centre still marks with strength embodies the creative fusion between of Arab and Western culture,. and From there we proceed tocan visit:



We will go back in time in the to XVII and XVIII century Sicily , searching for anto reveal an artistic explosion of artistic flavours, whose splendour and imagination can still amaze and mesmerize us. Our itineraries through a land which is exploration of the Baroque by vocation, will take us to pass by the streets and churches of Palermo, the aristocratic villas of Bagheria, the Madonie mountains and, will proceed on the other side of the island through to the baroque towns of Ragusa, Noto, Modica, Scicli…



And more recently...other Histories

Sicily also offers fine examples of art and architecture from more recent eras such as the Neo-classical, and Art Nouveau.. periods and brings you right up to date with the contemporary architectural experiments in Gibellina…






We can offer different and alternative itineraries, off the usual tourist routes:



Excursions on sailing boats to visit the coast of Palermo, going sea-fishing, visiting the island of Ustica, the first marine reserve in Italy, or spend a week at the Eolian islands.

We can also organise tours of old "tonnare" (tuna fish farms), such as Solanto, the Zingaro natural reserve, Favignana, and even a day in May/June to see the "mattanza".



Let’s go through the colourful markets of Palermo, choose the right ingredients, learn the secrets of the Sicilian haute cuisine with our stages organised by the best chefs of the island and enjoy preparing your delicacies in the ancient kitchens of some of the most prestigious historic houses in town!


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