location of Antibes and Juan les Pins next to Cannes and Nice Airport

All about Antibes

The best map of the whole Antibes area together with a detailed map of the town is available from Antibes Books - Heidi's English Bookshop - 24, rue Auberon (near the gate through the town wall to the Port Vauban) Telephone/fax 04 93 34 74 11

Click here for large 196 Kb version of map from Golfe Juan, Juan les Pins, the Cap d'Antibes, Port Vauban to La Fontonne and Biot

Click here for a detailed version of Juan and Antibes 217 Kb

ANTIBES TOWN: Large version 160 Kb Medium size version 74 Kb

Between Antibes and Juan 66 Kb Greater detail version 112 Kb

Detailed map of Juan 71 Kb More detailed 155 Kb

Here's a Medium resolution map of Cap d'Antibes 63 Kb and a Large map of The Cap 137 Kb

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