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www.dnsstuff.com is a useful tool to research these IP numbers. The IP number normally tracks back to Lagos, Nigeria, Ghana, an Internet Cafe chain, Sky-something relating to internet provision through satellite communications and the like. An interesting entrant into this list for the reason that it's not apparently linked with a far-off country is claiming to be Sky-vision in Jersey but with the invalid telephone number +23496708797. Googling this produces other reports of fraud. On this basis any IP number in the range - should be looked at on the basis of our fraudulent activity monitoring services. Similarly the IP range - is operated by Skylogic in Italy and serves Africa via satellite. Similarly IP numbers starting 41 and 196 are often seen in these lists, as are systems operated by ispeednet.net (80.179 and 212), newskies.net (66.178), Gilat Satcom in Israel (81.199.50. / 81.199.51.) and globalsat.net (216) but most are used legitimately for these geographic regions such as afnet.net (213) and saix.net. People who do genuine business with West Africa and implicated countries cannot safely block IP numbers to exclude fraudulent activity without access to our data on a dynamic basis . . .

The numbers below are the accumulation of unchecked and unfiltered possible IP numbers appearing to our scam detection systems yesterday.

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We monitor enquiries through @antibes.co.uk email addresses and often see West African scam activity. We protect our email suscribers from scam enquiries using predictive data compiled from the information below. We can advise businesses who are trading with West Africa to discriminate IP numbers from which signs of undesirable activity appear to have originated. We can also provide protection to hotels, travel and tourist companies who are particularly targeted by Nigerian scams.


To subscribers we can provide long term data of the sources of West African scam attacks. We find that most scam enquiries in the travel industry come from sources which have shown possible signs of scam activity indicated on this page. Were Yahoo and other providers of free email facilities, as well as Ebay to subscribe to our predictive data, problems caused by scammers would be much reduced. Our scam-email blocking system is much more sophisticated than any others on the internet security market.

Predictive protection

The following IP numbers are machine generated and unchecked list from which we have detected possible signs of scammer activity since last night. Any repetitions are a measure of the activity of the source. The source of our data suggests that scam emails are likely to be sent through Yahoo from these numbers within the next fortnight, and commercial activity from these number for instance on Ebay should be approached with caution.NB Whilst we beleive our data to be a reliable guide these IP numbers are provided for guidance only and should not be taken to be definitive without further detailed investigation.

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IP numbers of concern to those researching West African, Nigerian and 419 Scam sources

The following IP numbers have been of particular concern to others: unless they feature elsewhere in our lists on this page, they may not represent a current issue. Unless showing elsewhere on this page, they may or may not have been identified by us as this page is maintained dynamically on a day-to-day basis. Subscribers to our services receive long-term data.
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