Le Rocher restaurant and Plage on the Garoupe Beach for those who don't like the sand of Cannes between their toes or the pebbles of Nice

Aerial photo of the Garoupe Bay Riviera Beach
Whilst flying into Nice on the French Riviera you'll notice a secluded and special beach on the Cote d'Azur. It's called the Garoupe Beach and it's sheltered from the wind.
Le Rocher beach in the south of France

Facing East, you don't have the glare of the sun in your eyes that you have on beaches all along the south facing Riviera coast.

Plage le Rocher
It's a wonderful place for lunch and then afterwards to enjoy the sun, the sea and the view
lunch on the beach under parasols
dejeuner pres du plage francais
beachside plat du jour menu

You can enter the sea from the lower level upon a flat rock without the discomfort of having to step over stones or of getting sand between your toes.
two ladies getting out of the water in the south of France without sandyoung lady entering the water on the Rocher Riviera beach
If you like sand then the Petite Plage next door is paradise.

If you come into the bay on a boat or yacht and anchor for the day , you can telephone us 04 93 67 51 36 and we will send out our launch to collect you.
motor launch ready to bring in guests to the restaurant and beach from moored yachts
If you are staying on land and relax under one of our parasols, the view of Nice and the Alps in the distance is unparalleled and watching the boats is restful
view of yachts from the beach
yacht in the French Rivieraspeedboat on the French Cote d'Azur
Pedalo in the South of FrancePedalo at Antibes
view towards Nice
One of the specialities of the cuisine is Crepes and Galettes Bretonnes exquisitely cooked:
(Monsieur Crampe is one of the most experienced Crepe chefs in the south of France)
French pancake making
CrepesGalettes bretonnes
After a relaxing day, it's a wonderful restaurant with the best of French cuisine for an intimate dinner party or table for two.

They like to present to you fresh food cooked excitedly in a way which you cannot do at home:
fresh swordfish
beachside fish restaurant
French cuisine
Nothing can be more pleasant than waiting for dinner here seeing the evening light in the bay and watching a game of boules:
bay of the Garoupe Beach

French boules

During the day we will attend to all your gastronomic needs and bring you refreshments . .

and our food could not be served to you without our chef Claude Farrugia
Seafood Chef

If you bring your children, then there is a lady who specialises in portraits of children and here photographs are superb.

If you want an apartment or villa nearby email the webmaster. It is a wonderful part of the world for a holiday and the best place on the French Riviera Cote d'Azur.

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