The Garoupe beach and the special shore of the Cap d'Antibes on the Cote d'Azur.

SOS ! - Please help to save the Garoupe from being destroyed by bureaucracy

Cap d'Antibes - the Garoupe beach and others around the Cap d'Antibes

Just imagine surveying this view towards Nice at Easter

The Cap d'Antibes is the West end of Antibes. Property there is very expensive and exclusive - many places there have security gates etc etc and most property owners do not bother to rent out their houses.

The Garoupe beach on the Cap d'Antibes is very posh! It is sheltered from the wind and it faces east, so you are not looking into the sun, except at sunrise for your 6.30am dip in August. Just

imagine waking up to this! If you want to do so on your holiday then the knows of good places to stay!

beach at

Plage Joseph on Plage de la Garoupe is really good fun for children in the Summer and the Petit Plage has shallow warm water and interesting rocks to play around.

The beach is divided into sections, two of which are public non-paying. But the others are good value and an enormous amount of work goes into cleaning away the incredible amounts of seaweed that accumulate over the winters and keeping it clean during the season.

At the end of the beach is Plage Joseph with the yellow Keller beach next door. Lots of people go there, especially people wanting to see people who want to be seen. Quieter La Joliette is in the middle with two sandy public sections each side. The people there are very nice, friendly and jolly. At the end of the main part is Le Rocher, which for food is my favourite with Monsieur Crampe's Crepes. Just around the corner is Petite Plage which is my favourite place to swim and has the best value mattresses and parasols as well. Slightly up the hill is the smartest place of all, the Garoupe Beach Restaurant

For Wedding receptions, birthday celebrations and evening parties, the webmaster recommends La Joliette, Le Rocher and Garoupe Beach Restaurant.

SOS ! - Please help to save the Garoupe from being destroyed by bureaucracy

If you are coming to the Riviera on your boat or yacht, anchor in the bay and ring up any of these restaurants and they will collect you.

(Taken at Easter 2001)

Plage Keller serves food and is associated with Cesar's Restaurant. They also do evening events, parties and wedding celebrations.

This is the public section in the middle

Everyone knows everyone there because it is small and it has a very "village" atmosphere. A lot of people meet for lunch at one of the restaurant places.

This is an old photo - click here for more up to date details of La Joliette

You can walk up and down and swim across all of the privately operated beach chaise/ umbrella/ food places and no-one minds.

The yacht owners anchor in the bay and telephone the restaurants to bring them onto the beach

or the rocky coves for the day.

The car park has a greater concentration of Mercs and Rolls Royces than you've ever seen before and there will be bronzed Italian ladies there who have been browning themselves every day at the same places since June.

But the Garoupe beach is one of the only places on the French Riviera with real sand to be enjoyed by children

For holiday accommodation the Cap is probably expensive but well worth it if you can find it. I might best describe it in terms of the whole of the coast having been developed under concrete to a varying degree (especially Nice) but leaving the Cap still wooded with trees in which Grasshoppers / Crickets make their characteristic noise. If you want to rent an apartment or two, the webmaster knows of local accommodation or can put you in touch with agents. If you want to buy a property in the area you might also email the Whilst there has been development in the Antibes area, adequate infrastructure has been provided so that the town is not affected. This is unlike the whole of the rest of the Cote d'Azur where either new development has been bolted onto existing centres such as at Nice (even the attractive shopping area of Menton is, from time to time, too packed with people) or new concrete jungles have been created such as at Villeneuve Loubet. Through the telescopes at the Church on the Cap you can see it all.

From a path next to the Garoupe beach you can walk around the Headland on a picturesque but very rocky path. There is a notice at the entrance which warns : Longueur du Parcours 2700m. PASSAGES DIFFICILES. ATTENTION! ACCES DANGEREUX PAR COUP DE MER. BE CAREFUL DANGEROUS PATH BY ROUGH SEA. TEMPS MOYENS 1H.

In fact it is likely to take much longer than one Hour. DO NOT DO THIS WALK IN THE EVENING! There is no path at the other end

(here the path runs out) and you have to clamber over rocks over which considerable quantities of water splashes.

You end up near Eilen Roc and the wonderful rock coast there:

(The above 8 photographs were taken with a Canon A5 digital camera)

If you want relaxation away from such wildness you can go to the Eden Roc restaurant you can spend the day there by the pool there for around 25 pounds per day . . .

On the West side of the Cap, facing Juan and Cannes there is the Plage des Ondes, beach of waves. Need I say more? There's about 2m of sand between the wall and the water and hardy souls like it. But there's a ruined tower in the sea that children like to play upon. More photos after next summer!

Whilst you're on the Cap, visits to the other beaches of Antibes can make an intersting change

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